Creational Design Patterns using Typescript
February 22, 2021 by Yatin M.
Creational Design Patterns using Typescript Creational Design Patterns are the category of design patterns that deal with object creation mechanisms. These are particularly important when the developer needs to incorporate some types of constraints on the creation of objects, for eg: having a single instance of an object or decoupling the instance created from where in the code it is used. This…right-arrow
RAIL: A Framework to measure performance
December 14, 2020 by Nitish Mittal
RAIL: A Framework to measure performance This article broadly covers the following areas: An overview of the RAIL model. An overview of Pixel pipeline and Frame journey. A sample problem covering the frame drop issue and how to debug and solve it using chrome dev tools. In Computer Science, field performance can mean a lot of things. But here, I will be covering web performance, particularly user…right-arrow
SOLID Principles using Typescript
October 16, 2020 by Yatin M.
Typescript is like the object-oriented version of Javascript. This article discusses the best practices of object-oriented software design using Typescript. In software design over many years, commonly occurring problems were identified. Re-usable solutions to these problems are called Design Patterns. Before diving into design patterns, we need to revisit a few basic principles of software…right-arrow
Enhance Your Routine DB Activities With Django's ORM
July 21, 2020 by Susmitha Gudapati
Database transactions have never been trivial in our groove of building efficient web applications. They play a major role - dictating performance almost single-handedly in data-intensive applications. There are, however, some nearly hidden approaches that aren't part of our routine development yet. These could enhance our interactions with the database and, inwardly, give us the chance to unleash…right-arrow
Steering Django Towards an Async World
June 05, 2020 by Susmitha Gudapati
When Django started making the rounds with its newest upgrade recently, a buzzword that might have reached you would be 'ASGI'. Being tech-savvy, and living with WSGI servers all the time, you were probably curious to explore what it is, and everything in its arsenal. With the same curiosity, I delved into Django’s source code and found some fascinating stuff. But before we dig deeper into…right-arrow

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